” The future will either be green or not at all. “

Bob Brown

Green Building

'Green buildings are conceived, designed and built to foster a positive impact on human well-being and the natural environment with a minimum use of resources. They use less energy, water and material resources while reducing their carbon footprint and improving comfort levels.'

'It is the synergy of art, science and technique along with the balance of disciplines, skills and strengths that guides design towards sustainability. Building truly green comes from a holistic vision which approaches the building as a whole rather than a sum of parts.'

Armelle Le Bihan, Green Building Engineering & Consulting, Bangkok Thailand

Green building services

In partnership with green building and sustainability experts we offer the following services

Green Accreditations

We use green building accreditations to serve as references and guidelines and to define goals and objectives. In the end, for your project, this means we reach high-performance targets with the aim of being sustainable from an environmental, social and economic standpoint.