DSM provides wellness solutions to make the world happier and healthier.

DSM Difference

If​ you​ would​ like​ to​ offer authentic wellness​ and retreat services​ here​ are reasons​ to consider DSM for partnership.


Right Experience

Our​ team​ has​ over​ 30​ years​ senior​ management​ experience​ with​ some​ of​ Asia's leading​ health​ resorts. We​ possess detailed​ working​ knowledge​ of​ every​ aspect​ of​ operations,​ including​ health​ and wellness;​ human​ resources​ (HR)​ and​ training;​ marketing;​ general​ management;​ business development.
Business​ management​ skills​ in​ commercial​ enterprises,​ including​ spa​ and​ wellness​ centres,​ F&B operations,​ strategic​ planning,​ project​ management,​ beauty​ retail,​ advertising​ and​ brand management.

  • Established Svarga​ Loka Resort​ in​ Ubud,​ Bali
  • Established Atmantan​ Resort​ in​ Pune,​ India
  • Consulted on Kamalaya​ Resort,​ Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Designed Cutting-edge​ spa, Medical​ City​, UAE​
  • Created Wellness​ Centre​, Singapore​
  • Consultants overseeing development of five-star​ spas for Taj,​ Conrad,​ Hilton,​ Le​ Royal​ Meridien,​ Sofitel​
  • Personally researched Canyon​ Ranch,​ Golden​ Door,​ Ananda,​ The​ Farm,​ The​ Oaks​ and​ SHA​ Wellness​
Deep Expertise

We​ have​ international​ qualifications​ in​ an​ extensive​ range​ of​ holistic,​ spa​ and beauty​ therapies​ as​ well​ as​ various​ forms​ of​ complementary​ and​ alternative​ medicine.​ Our expertise​ allows​ us​ to​ integrate​ local​ healing​ practices​ with​ international​ best​ practice​ wellness modalities.
Our​ team​ has​ precise​ working​ knowledge​ of​ the​ latest​ medical​ spa​ and​ wellness​ innovations, including​ anti-aging​ medicine,​ aesthetic​ services,​ functional​ medicine​ and​ bio-hacking. We​ can​ see​ operations​ from​ all​ perspectives​ because​ of​ our​ hands-on​ wellness​ experience​ as therapists,​ practitioners,​ managers​ and​ trainers.
n-depth​ knowledge​ of​ many​ spa​ cultures​ around​ the​ globe:​ European​ hydrotherapy,​ Middle Eastern​ hammams​ and​ Unani​ medicine,​ Indian​ Ayurveda,​ traditional​ Chinese​ medicine​ (TCM) and​ various​ forms​ of​ Asian​ and​ Western​ therapy. We​ have​ been​ lecturing​ international​ audiences​ about​ spa​ development​ and​ management since​ 2002.


Professional & Experienced Team
We work with honesty and integrity for our guests, clients and the environment.

Joy Menzies
Joy Menzies

Managing Director

Business and hospitality background with 30 years of executive experience in Asia

Sam Foster
Sam Foster

Development Director

9 years in advertising and market research, followed by 18 years working in wellness and spa industry.

Sharon Menzies
Sharon Menzies

Client Relantionship Director

16 years of consulting and ‘change management' experience with Price Waterhouse Cooper, followed by 6 years as an executive at Chiva-Som



Wellness​ resorts​ are​ most​ successful​ when​ they​ authentically​ engage​ with​ local​ healing practices​ and​ practitioners.​ We​ take​ our​ established​ business​ processes,​ SOPs​ and​ supporting policies​ and​ adapt​ them​ to​ the​ local​ culture​ and​ wellness​ heritage,​ creating​ integrated​ services that​ work​ powerfully​ to​ deliver​ wellness​ goals​ for​ guests.
In​ terms​ of​ our​ property​ development​ experience​ and​ expertise,​ we​ are​ strong​ in​ the​ following two​ areas: ·​​ ​ ​ Wellness​ communities​ consultancy​ - ​ how​ to​ create,​ what​ to​ include,​ how​ to manage. ·​​ ​ ​ Wellness​ education​ - ​ wellness​ industry​ overview​ and​ business​ models.

  • Wellness​ communities​ consultancy​ - ​ how​ to​ create,​ what​ to​ include,​ how​ to manage
  • Wellness​ education​ - ​ wellness​ industry​ overview​ and​ business​ models

Our​ international​ team​ includes​ personnel​ from​ the​ United​ Kingdom,​ Thailand,​ United​ States and​ Australia.



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